The Self

This site is about the Self. The Self is a term describing the conscious experience every being experiences.

Where we start towards a harmonious, healthy and balanced society for all begins with developing and nurturing a harmonious condition within each and everyone of us, healing ourselves towards a healthy balanced state of being.

It is a place of information for the seekers, as impartially expressed and unbiased as possible.

Individual realization of knowledge into practical wisdom to apply to one’s life towards betterment is the site’s main purpose of relaying information. It is your role to interpret the information of the world into your own understanding to improve the well being of yourself and others in your life. Realization is the phenomena that occurs when something is made aware of.

It acknowledges the existence of suffering on Earth and aims to address this through spread of information, education and leading.

We must discover and sustain ourselves on a better path in life, free of dogma, extremism, and illusions. The NAM promotes virtuous and honourable deeds through the practical lens of an individual for the application of pursuing goals in life.

This site is privately maintained and is a means of expression for the maintainer.

The information we receive through our senses in life are signals, which we interpret and then produce a response. We can ignore, we can accept or we can suspend when deciding what to do with it. Even what the author chooses to display as information is an interpreted reflection and model of the real true reality. Accepting information is a personal responsibility where we each decide for ourselves what is true and what is not; what may be true before may not be true now and what is false now, may not be false in the future. Likewise, what may be true for others may not be true for yourself and vice versa. Like everything, we learn overtime through practice where we can become better at discernment of facts. The good thing is that we can build our webs of knowledge overtime into practical wisdom, empowering ourselves.

– Your fellow Human